Past due to complain but...

I bought my own Quantum Gateway router and bought gigabit service, September 2017.  When the tech arrived he had no working drill.  He left the router in the laundry room in the basement.  I wanted it in the adjacent room, centrally located.  He installed a repeating router(extra $$ on the bill), which didn't work.  My wireless printer was 'confused' by the repeater. He mumbled something about the second router not pairing when heleft without doing what I wanted because I had no more time to wait for him to finish.

I called and second tech came out and ran the ethernet wires through the hall and removed the repeater.

One of these jokers stole a box of drill bits.  Probably tech #2 since he ran wires just above the bag that contained them.

To make matters worse, I told the Verizon store guy that I wanted to keep my former landline number, although I was getting new service, transferred from my wife's name to mine.  This transfer to me, a new customer, saved us about $50, but a grand in aggravation.

He said 'not a problem' but MAN was it ever so.  It took weeks of phone calls to him and to customer support before someone knowledgeable fixed it.

D grade support.  I wish there was more competition in this field.

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There is. Cable and satellite internet. In some locations more than one provider.

coming up is fixed wireless from cellular companies. The players are getting bigger all the time. You just have to shop around.

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My mom has an issue with a tech on time before, I think you can call tech support and they have a process for damaged or stolen items.