Persistent DSL connection problems (distance to DSL hub)

My disabled brother has had Verizon DSL for several years now and we've ontinually have problems with the connection.  He lives in a group home;  I'm in a different state..   After numerous of calls to Verizon DSL support line, hundreds of dollars spent for at-home technical support (not from Verizon), and several visits by Verizon technicians, we were finally told that the problem was the distance from the DSL hub. 

I'm so frustrated and angry.  We've been paying for this service for years.  Finally we get an explanation which sounds accurate but the resolution is out of our hands.  I'm unable to get in touch with Verizon (by phone) to find out if they plan to do anything about this.   The internet is one of the primary ways my brother can communicate with friends and he's so discouraged now. 

Has anyone else had this problem?  Have you had success in resolving it?

Do you have any recommendations?  Fios is not available in the area and cable DSL is not an option because he lives in a group home and the management won't let residents use the buiness's DSL.

Oh yes--I tried the link to the disability services URL, but got an error message.

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Re: Persistent DSL connection problems (distance to DSL hub)

IHave the same issue as of now ,i have been without a verizon connection for a day and a half.the verizon tech told me there was nothing that could be done. he also told me to switch my cable provider for internet service(comcast). but that is almost twice the cost. I am using another connection to write this . this is absolutley ridiculous. i share the same feelings you do.