Petition to get FIOS?
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I was talking to a friend who was talking to an AT&T technician who lives in a Verzion. He got his neighbors and himself to petition and FIOS came to the area.

Does this really work? My city has FIOS service, but not on my street. However, it is available down the hills from where I live.

If it does work, then what's the steps to do this since I have never heard, seen, and done this before.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

Re: Petition to get FIOS?
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I've never heard of that working before. But then I suppose anything is possible.

Verizon is slowing down their construction into new areas. They are focusing on building up the area's they are already in. But even if you had everyone in your neighborhood sign the petition, it wouldnt be enough to get them out. There simply would not be enough people in the area. Your friend probably got lucky and was in an area that was being added anyway.

Now if you want to try, I suppose it couldnt hurt, but I wouldnt hold my breath.

Re: Petition to get FIOS?
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if you get more information on getting a petition started would like to know,  have heard that contacting the Board of Public Utilities in you state might also help.   key issue might be do you have telephone poles in your area of underground utilities.

Re: Petition to get FIOS?

Yes there is a petition that is here on line to sign.   I was informed of it from my Internet Provider. t she was informative to give me as much information as she could as to where to look.   And I found that site.   I'm not too fimiluar with how your Modorator runs this site.    however I will include the site to ge to to sigh the petition to help presuade "them" to again start intalling the equipment for FIOS.    I don't know about you. but I can REALLY use it.   I moved from  Mega fast high speed internet to .....  s l o w .    DSL.  or as I call it   Dial UP.    ugh.


here is the site.  I hope we can get enough of our voice out there to make a difference, so please tell everyone..   othere wise   we are not going to get FIOS anytime soon. 


I hope this does not get taken down.  as   It is only trying to help others like myelf to get the higher speeds that the people in the larger cities have acess too.  




that will give you a plain 'Jane"  site, really easy to find the "where to sign"  to get our voices heard  to get FIOS 


 by the way  I have no stakes in this.  I am not making any money off this,  nothing.  I just want to see  FIOS and the much better speeds than what I have of 3 megs ...


I hope this helps.   also I hope this will make a difference.    to as I said  tell everyone. PLEASE PLEASE