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I worked for Verizon for 12 years.  My hire date was 7 - 93. I went to Carnegie Mellon University and earned an M.B.A. Now I teach there thanks to Bell Atlantic/Verizon. I began as a telemarketer for new customers as a Bell Atlantic temp, moved to the business office then repair then designed high speed data circuits (T1, T3, & sonnets). I worked there 12 years. My education was over $150,000. Without Verizon sO would have gone to University of Pittsburgh. Pitt is a top 50 M.B.A. Business school, Carnegie Mellon was ranked 12 when I earned my degree. Thank you Verizon. So I do have a warm feeling for the company. Which brings me to this post.

So I call the RSSC to disconnect service where my 19 year old son lived while going to Columbia for journalism. I have never had a worse C.S.R. in my life, totally unbelievable!

The call lasted 34 minutes. At thanksgiving of the call he waterfront account number. At 33 minutes into the call he was still asking for the account number. At the beginning of the call U told him I need to disconnect the FiOS at his old condo and wanted the final bill sent to me at my address. The C.S.R. Then began to bridge and told me about all the promotions Verizon had, so I  explain   I have had GoOD since it was offered. I said my bill is about $250 a month and have most everything.  His reply was what is your account number?   I said well OK but it has nothing to do with my kids account except the final bill was going to the same address. Again I advised him I did not know my account number because it has nothing to do with what I was HOPING to do on the call. The lad immediately asked me for the account number I was calling about, again I explained U do not know. So his next good question was the telephone number. Well my kid had changed carriers to get aa Galaxy Note 9. So,  I admit I did not have as much information that I needed to shut the account down. I had the address and  the kid's social security number. What that meant was I could not verify the account. So I call again, I get another, but this poor lad took a call which should have a 10 minute call and stretched it out for a brand total of 47 minutes.  He kept asking me for the account number endlessly. It got to the point that in reality I was the Jack ads for not hanging up about 37 minutes earlier.

I know I took a great deal of pride in handling call in a professional manner and hopefully exceeding the customer's expectations. I am still amazed at just the total lack of understanding what needed to do and would default to " do you have your account number? ".

For some odd reason I still about Verizon, I guess a deep down loyalty to the company that spent a fortune on my education. If anyone is a Verizon manager you really MUST track  down this hapless lad and get him retrained. From zero to 100 he in fact is a one only because he knew the name of the company and he spoke English quite well. After that nada, zip, and zero. I hop e this guy gets retrained. What really knocked me out was he said he worked thie R five years. I hope that Verizon keeps good old Americans on the phone. I trained a ton of consultants and to hear that C.S.R. just not have any idea what to do.

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