Please Help Make Sure My New Wiring Plan Will Work
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Hi everyone,

I just want to make sure I've got a grasp of my house's wiring concept, as I'm thinking about doing a re-wire from coax to Ethernet, and use my own router instead of the Verizon one. As of right now, my ONT box is in my basement, and the coax port is enabled.

A coax cable runs from the ONT box into the top of following splitter:


Now, I tried searching for this specific model, but couldn't find much on it. However, I'm assuming this is a bidirectional splitter. One of the coax cables run from this splitter to my Verizon router, which is on my second floor. The rest go to other coax wall jacks and other coax splitters to wall jacks throughout my house.

If I'm understanding the concept, my router is getting it's internet connection from this coax cable, as well as sending the internet connection back through the coax cable into the splitter, thus through the other coax cables because of the bidirectional splitter. This is what's enabling the Fios service, On Demand, recording, etc. through my TV boxes, as well as how I get internet through a coax cable into the Actiontec ECB6200S02, then ethernet to my computer.

If this all holds true, I believe this is what I have to do: call Verizon, have them disable the coax port on the ONT, then enable the ethernet port of the ONT. I could then connect my router via ethernet to the ONT box. Then use an ethernet cable from my router to a MoCA adapter. I then run a coax cable from the Actiontec adapter to the coax splitter box. This would then allow me to continue the use of TV services, while also allowing me to connect the router to a switch. I could then use the switch to run ethernet wall jacks and wiring to other parts of my house.

I understand the need to release the DHCP from the Verizon router, as well as configuration of my new router for network name/password, etc.

Any feedback is appreciated. I'm not sure if using the MoCA adaptor from the routher to the splitter will reduce the quality of my TV service. I'm guessing not if it supports high enough speeds.

Thank you in advance.

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That setup should work as you describe.

after the service is switched to ethernet, and you then release DHCP on the Verizon router and unplug it immediately before it grabs an address.

then take the ethernet from the ONT to your wan port on Verizon router.

after that is done the process is using the MOCA adapter and existing splitter to get service for VOD and menu on your tv.

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As stated above, yes it will work.

Make sure you read the tutorial at the top of this forum on how to configure your router for use with Verizon STB.

And not sure what you mean by configuring router for network name and password.

Verizon internet service does not use a login and password or service. They can control Internet via ONT so not reason for login to validate service.

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Two questions...

Are you running the ethernet from the ONT to the second floor where your current Verizon router is?

Do you have two ECB6200s or just one?

All you really need to do is run the ethernet to your router from ONT. Plug the coax that was going to the Verizon router into the “Coax” port of the ECB6200. Then plug and ethernet jumper from LAN of new router to the ethernet port on ECB6200.