Please STOP sending bills or else.........

I have tried numerous times via e-mail and regular mail to make the powers to be to stop sending me bills for a service I don't have.  We had originally picked Verizon for our Directv bundle but after bad customer service we decided to stay with Bright House. A modem was sent to us and we called saying we had cancelled the service and the person we spoke to was supposed to send a return label. It's been 2 months and I still keep receiving a bill for a service I don't have or want and I am about to throw away this **bleep** modem since no one wants it. Please tell me how I can stop receiving these bills that are for service I don't have receiving. If I receive one more bill or, heaven forbid, this affects my credit I will resort to legal options (meaning TV consumer advocates) and the BBB.

Re: Please STOP sending bills or else.........
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Call the support number.   Ask for the billing department.  Explain the situation. Ask for a return box or the nearest location where you can return it.  Return the box.  Be sure to get a receipt.  Once the box is returned, you should get no more bills.  It is your responsibility to return the box.

When you call support, be polite and explain your problem.

Stay on it until you get results.

P.S.  Threats never work!!!!