Poor Upload/Speed performance when uploading multiple files

I have the 50/50 plan. My upload speed is usually only 10 mbps, but that's another story. I rarely upload files so I kind of don't care about that. Never had a problem with download speed as I always get 55-60 mbps.

However, recently I have been trying to upload a bunch of photos I took on a recent trip--about 500 MB worth. Individually, I can upload files fine to Google Drive. No speed problem there. But if I try and drop all of them at the same time, upload grinds to a halt and I cannot surf the web at the same time. I tried this with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. I have a Windows 10 machine.

I never had this problem with cable Internet. Has anyone else encountered this issue, and did you solve the issue and if so, how? Thanks!

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Re: Poor Upload/Speed performance when uploading multiple files
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Community Leader

Are you running QoS on your router? Has that upload issue you're having causing the 10Mbps speeds been troubleshot anywhere here before?