Poor internet service and good luck finding a phone number

About a month ago I started having internet issues where the speed was terrible and sometimes just drop altogether.  I thought it was my computer and by trial and error eliminating everything possible.  Guess what....its them.

One of the biggest issues I have with Verizon is the **bleep** poor website they have.  They don't list phone numbers you can find.  In order to find one you have to use google to find one.  Then you have to deal with their **bleep** robots over and over again.  Plus their site lists links to upgrade without a **bleep** number to call or a link to order an upgrade.  By the time you finally get somebody to talk to your blood pressure is at a boiling point and you're so **bleep** you can't see straight.  Then they tell you to go to their site and click on a particular button....Guess what, the **bleep** link doesn't work.  

I spent over 4 days trying to find phone numbers and trying to get someone on the phone.  I was on hold 3 seperate times for long periods of time only to have the phone disconnect.  I finally got to talk to someone after waiting for over a half an hour only to then be told I had the wrong department where they transferred the call.  This happened over 3 or 4 times.  Two other times they gave me a number to call which only ended up being again.....the wrong department.  Unbelievable. 

I tried to use their chat box but again another freakin robot.  Plus the **bleep** internet dropped over 8 times while I was trying to use the chat box.  So I think I figured out why they hide any REAL phone numbers.  Its so they don't have to talk to their customers who are fed up with their lousy website and pathetic internet service.  I pay for 100mps and I've been dealing with drops, speeds in the teens and less most of the time.   Finally got a tech to come who didn't know what the problem was either.   Funny though how their payment section is so easy to find and never has an issue.  If only they paid as much attention to their customer service issues.  

I even got the chance where their robot said they would call me back.  Never got a call.

Bottom line, I don't know who designed their website but whoever it is should be fired.  Their contact link is freakin joke.  It offers forums and a chat.  This is as bad as their stupid awards program that even a worse joke.  The money they charge and offer a rewards program that is ridiculous.  Just give us nothing, because that's really what we're getting.  No phone numbers that work, no decent customer service, no internet speeds that are consistent, and no real rewards worth two cents.

Re: Poor internet service and good luck finding a phone number
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Hi semperfi-HM1,

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