Port Forwarding not working to access cameras

I am an AV technician in the greater Philadelphia area. I can no longer sucessfully port forward using our router systems (Luxul) or the stock Fios routers (actiontech). Fios has some kindof issue going on and it does not seem to matter who you talk to. I've had Fios technicians out at my clients houses and they can't figure it out. -Nor can anyone they call. A "higher up" was supposed to email me... a month ago.  They also say it doesnt matter... as long as internet works all is good as far as they are concerned. I am simply switching my camera system clients over to Comcast. Perhaps someone who knows something at Fios will read this???

Re: Port Forwarding setup not working to access cameras
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Community Leader

Is the Luxul router being placed in leau of the FiOS router? Also, is your router receiving the same IP address as shown at https://www.whatismyip.com/ ?

One thing to consider is that it is not wise to have stuff like camera systems directly exposed to the Internet, especially if the customer or manufacturer isn't going to commit to staying on top of the patches. Instead, a "Reverse Connection" setup similar to how cameras like Nest, Ubiquiti, and Ring work, are more secure. The accounts can be protected with 2FA and the Cloud service is more likely to be maintained.