Port forwarding with G3100 not working

I'm looking to forward a port for mobile streaming and need access to my local PC. I cannot figure out what the problem is. The ports are active in the router settings, but using a port checker tool shows they are closed with "Connection timed out". The only port I can get working is port 443 if I check the box for it under the remote admin settings in the router. That port is unusable for mobile streaming. A few notes for things I've done so far:

- Turned off firewall and antivirus
- Set IPv4 firewall to "Low"
- Set source port to "Any" and destination to the higher values "like 65535"
- Added a DDNS from NoIP succesfully
- Gave my local IP a static IP address
- Rebooted the router and my PC multiple times


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Community Leader
Community Leader

Don’t adjust the Firewall settings. Port Forwarding rules will supersede the default Firewall rules.

Can you uncover the covered IP addresses? I want to see whether you set the host destination port number correctly.