Problem accessing MyService
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I subscribe to Verizon Cloud and in the current software update, I have to log in to my Verizon account to see what was recently backed up.

And I have the 75GB bundle, and occasionally I manage to log in and view it, especially recent photos copied to the cloud, but it's sporadic. Usually it directs me to this:

What is this??

The other parts of MyService, such as Digital Phone, TV, seems to be OK, except this and My Internet services. The problems is sporadic, some day it works, some day it doesn't.

My problem with this issue is if some day, I need to fetch a backup of something, I run into tis problem, which makes the cloud service useless.

Re: Problem accessing MyService
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Hello schinfchin

These forums are dedicated to Residential products and services offered by Verizon. This appears to a Verizon Wireless Cloud issue.
For help on Verizon Wireless issues, please post your topic on the Verizon Wireless Community at