Problem connecting to wifi from Verizon DSL router

I recently had "upgraded" to the newer Verizon Westell router (7500, I think).  Well, I have setup the wireless to be able to connect a smart phone.  Unfortunately, that smart phone is on AT&T (Samsung Infuse 4G).  I was hoping to be cheap and use my DSL from Verizon to connect via wifi.  It worked at first, prior to securing the wifi.  I can connect through the wifi, but I am immediately transferred to a secure Verizon website trying to get me to "activate" my account.  It will not let me go anyway, but to that site.  Am I missing something?  I am locked out of my wifi since I have a competitors cellular account?  Any help would be great.

Re: Problem connecting to wifi from Verizon DSL router
Master - Level 3

Simply applying security to your router will not cause the "walled garden" message your getting about activating account. Has your Verizon account ever been suspended before? If so, you will need to clear temp browsing data on your phone. Also make sure you are connecting to your network and that it didn't hop on a neighbbors unlocked network. Phones can be configured to automatically connect to an unsecured network and that customers service might be suspended. If you run into further problems please send a private message.