Problems with Internet Plans

OK, just to start off, I am not real sure I am in the right place, but being that Verizon is so immense, I don't know where else to go.

Anyways, the Internet service itself is wonderful... no complaints whatsoever. I live in a situation that I must use wireless Internet. I utilize Verizon's prepaid 4G LTE service. The speed is blazing fast and portable with my own Jetpack. Not one complaint with connection or the product itself.

Where I am having issues is the billing cycle. I blaze through bandwidth. No question there. I do a lot of gaming, streaming video, editing, music, downloads, etc. Verizon offers 3 basic plans: 250mb/week, 3gig / month or 10gig / month. I use the 10gig plan, as none of the other options are feasible. In all actuality, the 10 gig isn't enough for me either, but what am I supposed to do? My only choices for Internet is not participate in the online activities that I love so much to save my bandwidth or I can just bite the bullet and get the monthly charge incurred whenever I burn through my allotted 10g.

That being said, Verizon's policies on this prepaid service are ridiculous. The way I see it, I have no other choice as to where I get my Internet. A land line plus DSL lines is not feasible, nor is a cable TV / Internet bundle. I basically blaze through my allotted 10 gigs, renew my plan and start the whole deal over again. Expensive, yes, but right now I have no other options so I have to go this way.

Needless to say, I incur the $90 charge quite often. When I run out of bandwidth, my browser automatically kicks me to the Verizon mobile broadband site. There you are required to sign in, choose a "session plan" and pay for this transaction. Great. I got that much figured out.

This is where Verizon throws me a curveball. If I use my credit / debit card to pay for my service, I am only allowed to pay for 3 "sessions" on that particular card before I am denied access to my account. I had been using my Internet service with no problems other than running out of bandwidth early. No big deal, i knew this beforehand. But here is my issue. If I need that bandwidth, and am willing to pay for that charge no matter when it comes up, then why am I forced to find another payment method every 3 cycles? I don't remember reading anything about this policy in the EULA or manual. I didn't know anything about the policy until I was forced to call customer service to find out why I couldn't purchase a new session. Apparently it is Verizon's policy to block the payment method if there is an "overage" of bandwidth usage. Because I was burning through my 10 gigs rather quickly, Verizon sees this as a potential problem. So I understand why they do it and it is good policy to make sure that nobody is using my card without my authorization. However, there should be a verification that is actually me trying to renew, and then my card be cleared for the payment. Instead, I have a choice of using a different credit/ debit card for payment OR I can go buy a prepaid refill card from a Verizon provider, which is not always easy for me.

I just think this policy should be more publicized in your service. Another big problem that occurred is a person is only allowed to make 5 changes to their plan before THAT is set in stone and not allowed to be changed until the next month. What I had been doing is whenever I was forced to use a prepaid refill Verizon card, I would go the cheapest route which is Iamb for $15. I was told by one of Verizon's reps that basically as long as I interrupted my billing cycle with one non-credit card payment, that I would be able to return to the credit / debit card on the VERY NEXT payment. This turns out to be false as well. If the customer makes 5 changes to their plan, then they are locked into the plan until the next month's renew date arrives.Just because of the inconvenience of having to buy the Verizon refill card, I was only purchasing the minimum to get keep my account active. This last time around, after I used my 250mb in a day, when I tried to purchase my 10 gig plan I was locked out. I was forced to call customer service where I was informed that I would be locked into this 250mb / $15 plan until my "due date" which isn't for another 3 weeks. Isn't that just peachy.

So, let me recap: customer is only allowed 3 sessions per credit card before a red flag is flown, if the person is going through their respective bandwidth "too quickly". Person is told that changing the "next payment method" for one purchase, that they will be allowed to use their credit card on their next payment. If 5 changes are made to the plan in an unstated amount of time, said plan is "locked" into the plan until that customer's due date on the next month arrives.

This to me is ridiculous. I have never had this much trouble trying to get a company to TAKE my money. I am paid up for one last 10 gig session, and then I am going to have to find another provider. I love the product. My Internet is blazing fast and very reliable. Unfortunately, I am tired of dealing with customer service and having to drive clear across town to buy Verizon refill cards. It is not worth the hassle. If Verizon will make some changes to their plans, perhaps realizing that some of us might ACTUALLY need more than 10 g per session. At the very least, these issues should be addressed before a customer spends several hundred dollars on the service.

Verizon, your product is wonderful.

Verizon, your policies are not.

Thank you for your time.

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