Property damage

Hello, I recently had Fios internet installed at my house. The technician was all around perfect, unfortunately he accidentally damaged my outdoor a/c condenser unit when he drilled through my crawl space and shoved a sharp glowstick(used to shove the wire though the hole) from inside the crawl space directly into one of my outdoor 5 ton a/c systems. It immediately leak out all the refrigerant(r22). The tech called it in right away and did all the he should of to get it resolved but no one from the company has contacted me. A Hvac repair tech came out and suggested a major repair over $4,000.00 to fix unit however I am a over the road owner operator truck driver and I have to also take off from work until this is resolved. I feel that I need to be reimbursed for my time off from work and sitting in a hot house with no air conditioning trying to figure out when the repairs will be made so I can know when I can go back to work. It’s very important because I have tenants that are planning to move in and they would not be happy there like this. I need fixed or money for repair sent to me so I can fix right away plus time missed from work. 

Re: Property damage

Hi jcommitted,

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