Putting MI424WRI Router into Bridge Mode

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Looking for some answers in the community. I have a Google Mesh network attached to my Verizon MI424WRI. We are having major disruption in the wifi and Google support is asking me to put my Verizon Modem into bridge mode. We've already turned the wifi off on both printers. The only other wifi broadcasting at this point is our Netgear ARLO cameras and I don't believe I can turn that off.

We have FIOS TV and from what I have read, putting the Verizon modem into bridge mode will cause FIOS TV not to work. 

Can anyone help on this topic? Thanks so much in advance!

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Community Leader

Technically there is no bridge mode on a Verizon router. There are two things you can do. Put MI424WRI as primary and put Google wifi after but that might cause a IP conflict so you will have to change from to something else.

Other option is put Google as primary if you are on ethernet from ONT and set up MI424WRI as a MoCA adapter.

Can you get out to at all when connected to Google wifi? What issues are you having?