Quantum Gateway IP Address assignment for wired and wireless

Recently relocated Quantum Gateway router and did factory reset on router at the office.

Hardwired connections (5) through unmanaged hub are working fine accessing internet and Canon MFP and HP LaserJet for printing (cabled as well).  All wired devices have 192.168.0.x IPs.

The wireless devices, Mac Books and Intel laptops can get to internet but can't see printer.  They all have 192.168.1.x  IPs.

A tracert from wireless connected laptop to wired printer completes in < 2ms.

(My Quantum Gateway at home has wireless and wired on same IP range.)

My assumption is there is a config change to make atthe router.

Any suggestions?


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Community Leader
Community Leader

Double check the network layout.

Perhaps it is guest Wi-Fi network?