Quantum Gateway Router Not strong enough

We finally upgraded to the Quantun Gateway Router to get better service and since installing, there are areas in our home that do not get any connection, mainly in the bedrooms only 1 floor above where the router is placed. Verizon suggests, we pay even more money to get an extender or place the router centrally in the home. How much more central can it get placed when it is on the middle level of our home and one of the rooms that it doesn't reach is directly above where the router sits? Any suggestions on how to get better service in my home?

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This is a suggestion that will cost money. You can buy the extender sold through Fios for $100 or you can buy one from Asus, or Netgear etc. sometimes they are on sale.

now the crux of the matter is the router has internal antennas which are terrible.

you could simply purchase a better one with external antennas like Asus or TP Link Archer or Netgear like I use. If you are internet only it’s a no brainer.

you then return the FiOS Quantum Gateway and save $13 a month so it will be to your advantage to do so. However if you buy the Verizon extender it’s plug and play so may fix your issue.