Questions about installing my own router.

I have FiOS TV and internet installed in my two story home. The ont is on the second floor and it runs coax only to a splitter for the TV in that room and also back out of the wall towards the curb and goes over the roof towards the yard to come back in that wall to a splitter for the cable there and runs toward the Actiontec MI424WR router for the wifi in the house. I've recently started adding more devices on the first floor and noticed the connection is rather poor for most things and the wifi connection with my PlayStation is a step above non existent. I have done a little research and was thinking I could have Verizon switch my service to Ethernet instead of coax and attaching the the Ethernet right off the ont to a router and from the router attaching an access point right there. I am under the impression I could attach an Ethernet from the router into the old actiontec and connect the coax cable that used to be attached to the ont into the actiontec so all my TV's still have the guide feature. I was also thinking this could work because I could get moca adaptors so I could keep the existing coax lines and possibly add a splitter somewhere and use the moca adaptor to run hard wired internet throughout my house.  Am I completely wrong in my thinking or is there some sort of easier way to do this? 

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Click this self help FAQ on Fios installs and other answers from DSLReports.

This should assist you greatly.

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You certainly can do as you said by having Verizon switch to ethernet and use your own router. 

By doing this there are a few potential issues. You have to get a MoCA adapter. It’s not an approved Verizon way so your on your own. The STBs will not update when Verizon pushes out new updates. 

Have you ever thought of adding a mesh network? This way you can leave Verizon router and STBs will be good. Here is an article from PC Mag on different Mesh networks.

Verizon offers Orbi but it has Verizon firmware on it so if you do decide to go down that route it might be better to get it from Best Buy or online so you can use them if you ever switch.