We were approached by a salesman in Walmart right as we were about to move into our apartment and were looking for an internet provider. The salesman told me that I could get the 79.99 plan, but if I called him 3 weeks into service he would drop it down to 52.99 as we only needed internet. I told him explicitly that if I was charged 79.99 I would cancel my service. He assured me I would not be charged. 

3 weeks into service, I called and he said everything was in order. Later that day, I was charged 79.99. For over 3 weeks I followed up almost every day and he assured me "it will be done today. I've just gotta push it through... oh, I didnt say today, it will be done on Thursday. No, Friday, not thursday...  they told me it was done but I guess it wasnt." Etc. When I asked for a text confirmation that it would be done that day he beat around the bush and said he was confirming (had no problem confirming over the phone!) Finally I told him I was going to cancel my service when I find a new provider. That was a week ago and still no change in my bill and no refund like he promised multiple times. I was cheated and lied to and I do not appreciate it one bit. I expect to be reimbursed for the month i overpaid. I will be letting everyone I know know that these are the tactics used by this company and they should absolutely not use verizon. It wasnt even subtle, just unapologetically dishonest. I am extremely upset 

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Hi Lucylinthesky,

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