Random Signal Dropouts

Early this year my internet signal would radomly stop.  Both the internet and WAN coax lights would go out and then come back on after about two minutes.  Without doing anything, the problem went away for months.  Recently the problem came back.  Earlier this week I was makinng a purchase on-line.  When I thought the credit card information was going through, the signal dropped again.  Later that day, the credit card company informed me that they flagged a suspicious charge to my card.  They were correct.  Since then, I have not experienced a signal drop.  Were the drops from the hackers tapping in?  Did the hackers get what they wanted from me and move on, or is this just coincedence?

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Possibly a ONT or Router.

Sounds like ONT is starting to fail.

Or coulbe be Coax issue.

Check you coax connections starting at ONT and working your way to router.