Random drops on fios?

I've been going insane with this problem, I'm hoping someone has seen this beofre.. My FiOS (75/75) has been rock solid for years. A few months ago my neighbors had it installed (might be a coincidence). For the last few months, it's been horrible. Netflix off my smart tv drops more often than not. Half the time, it can't even stream. My laptop can't so much as sustain a VoIP call -- it'll be fine for 20 minutes, then go choppy for a bit, then be back to normal.

VZ has swapped out my router, and I've gone so far as to put an airport in for wifi -- same thing. Speed tests all show my full 75mb, but these random slowdowns/dropouts are maddening..

Has anyone seen this before? What's the fix? FiOS support suggested I upgrade to the quantum gateway, but will that have any effect if the airport didn't work?

Re: Random drops on fios?
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Ugh.  Intermittent problems are a nightmare to solve.

But for starters, a typical first troubleshooting step question:  Are your smart TV and your laptop connected via wifi or by Ethernet cable?

If the answer is wifi, I suggest you try connecting to your Actiontec router via Ethernet, at least as a troubleshooting step.  That may elimiinate the possiblity that some sort of interference with your wifi signal is causing your issue.