Recurring Issue with Internet Going Out - Router Stops working, 1 laptop can direclty plug in

Hoping to collect ideas from a brain trust if someone has any ideas.


Basically my internet keeps going out. Sometimes it comes back on later on. But this time it hasn't. Verizon is sending out a technician tomorrow. But as this has been the case multiple times, I was hoping to understand if anyone else has encountered this or has ideas. I'm not sure I want this to keep happening.

The issue:


Internet on the box goes out. Not red or orange. It goes out. Verizon has sent me 5 new boxes it seems over the lifetime of this issue. Needless to say, it's not the boxes.


Peculiar Facts:


The internet went out this time instantly as soon as I added HBO to my services. I have no idea how the two could be intertwined. But it's hard to ignore that the two coincidently occurred at the same time.


I can plug in my one laptop directly into the wall and have internet. But no other computer can do this. Only this one, which was the one I set up services with originally.


I guess the question is, how is it possible that Verizon can't talk to multiple routers they have sent me, but only this one laptop can have internet service? There is internet coming through the line, but nothing, not router nor other computers can use it, less this one laptop.

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