Refused inside access to Verizon - DSL not fixed.
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I had an online chat with Verizon Tech today because of DSL connection dropping. Tech said there is a problem on the line and wanted to send a tech to my house. Both myself and my wife work odd shifts so someone may not or will not be home. Tech from online chat would not send a repair tech out to check for the problem without someone being home for inside access. Why does verizon need inside access to test for problems on their network? I have had connection issues in the past that where related to their end. Why can't Verizon just send a repair tech to my house to check the connection outside and let me know what is wrong with it? If the issue is inside my house I will repair it. My DSL Gateway is on a home run to the interface outside my home. Phone and DSL are seperated there. I may start looking for a new ISP soon.

Re: Refused inside access to Verizon - DSL not fixed.
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They can test the line from the office. If it looks like the issue is in the home or very close they will send a tech to check line inside home. The issue could be outside, but they will need you home. Also keeps the tech from doing no access charges when he can't get in and you said that you might be home.