Remote DVR management through UDM/UDMPro
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Has anyone swapped out a UDM/UDMPro in and retained their remote DVR management through the router?

I can see in my current Verizon router (CR1000A) that there are 2 port forwards on random outside ports to each STB's IP on 8082/TCP and 63145/UDP.   I wonder if these are created via some standard like UPnP or if its a Verizon proprietary detection and setup?

I know I'll probably lose their setup.   

Re: Remote DVR management through UDM/UDMPro
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It is through SSDP multicast. If you have some netcat knowledge and know how to code a script to capture and send packets, you can simulate the SSDP negotiation with UDM in no time.

I don't see a reason to use UDM Pro over CR1000A as CR1000A has 10Gbps NAT and next gen Firewall throughput, while UDM Pro only has 3.5Gbps, I heard.