Replacing Computer - How to set up wit FIOS

I am buying a new replacement computer.  How do I set it up to work with the FIOS internet connection.  I will not be using my old computer.  It is a desktop.

Re: Replacing Computer - How to set up wit FIOS
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Its as simple as plugging an Ethernet cable from the VZ Router into your new computer.  There is no software required to be installed on your PC in order to connect to FIOS.

Re: Replacing Computer - How to set up wit FIOS

there's two ways to connect. the preferred way to connect is with an ethernet cable - one end goes in your PC and the other end goes into any of the numbered ports (yellow) on the back of your router.

The second way people connect is wireless.  go to and click retreive wifi settings and it will retrieve them automatically or show you where to find the info on your router.   You plug in the password that the info retreives for you and you get online wirelessly.

Also if you like the fancy verizon stuff on your pc (not required to connect) then go to and do a "set up an additional pc" and it will configure the software for you.

If you had Verizon internet security, then go to and download the software.  once it's downloaded installed and running, look in the notifications and you will see your download link for the antivirus firewall.