Replacing G1100 Router with Amplifi Alien

I just purchased a brand new Amplifi Alien mesh system and trying to replace my Verizon G1100 router so I can stop paying the $15 rental fee.  I currently pay for 1 Gigabit speed and have no TV with the ethernet going directly from my ONT to my G1100 router. I went through the process of releasing my DHCP from the existing lease and then applying changes, powering the modem off and then connecting the WAN directly to the Amplifi Alien and went through the set up process.  When the Amplifi was set up I was only able to get a speed of 70/70 which is what I was not expecting.  I tried multiple ways to release the DHCP including powering down my modem for 2 hours (when the lease expires) and went through the set up again and still getting the same connection speed.  The setup that works right now is connecting my Amplifi WAN to a G1100 LAN and then turning off the wifi settings in the Verizon set up and getting approximately 900/900 using this set up. This I feel like is a waste and not utilizing Amplifi's full capabilities and also a waste of money. Is there anything I can do to make the Amplifi the main router so I can return the Verizon router and try to unlock Amplifi's full capabilities?  

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When you had that router connected to the ONT and ran the speed test:

That was on a wired connection?

You did use Verizon's official speed test?