Replacing G3100 router with mesh routers on internet only plan

Hi all; my current Fios plan is internet only along with a G3100 router rental - we have been doing okay with it in our 1200 square foot apartment but will be moving soon to a 5000+ square foot house with 3 levels that will be able to utilize Fios and have an ONT.  In anticipation we purchased a Deco x55 mesh network nodes (3 nodes) and I tried to install the deco on my own in my apartment as a test run to no avail. I am technically challenged so open to being educated! I disconnected the G3100 router for > two hours for DHCP to release, then connected the Ethernet cable from the ONT box directly to a Deco node, set it all up and created a new network name, had the green light indicating there was a successful internet connection, which then turned red in less than a minute. I then went back and reconnected the G3100 router as before which restored the WiFi connection/network. I tried then using an Ethernet cable to connect from one of the G3100’s LAN ports to a Deco node, which I found was possible to ultimately aid in setting up a separate LAN. But ideally I’d rather not deal with two LANs. Also noticed that the G3100 router LAN had better download/upload speeds compared to the Deco LAN when I had the deco Ethernet connected to the G3100 router. Can someone explain what I’m doing incorrectly? And I also wanted to add a 8 port unmanaged switch to the mix as the new house will have Ethernet outlets throughout the house. Goal would be to have mesh nodes set up to also be wired at these different outlets. Thanks in advance. 

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