Replacing rented router with my own that uses coax input

I have the 3100 router from Varizon.

I use FIOS only for internet, no cable TV.

I would like to replace with my own router, but my main computer with wired connectivity is far from the ONT base and where I cannot run the ethernet cable to in my apartment, so I would like to keep the coax cable for the internet.

Are there any good routers available that would allow me to keep using the coax cable?

Re: Replacing rented router with my own that uses coax input
Community Leader
Community Leader

To my knowledge, only certain ISP routers accept WAN connection on Coax.

Unless I am mistaken, you have a coax wire from the ONT to your G3100 currently? So you only have a subscription speed of 100Mbps?

Do you plan to upgrade to 300/300 in the future? If you do, you can't use Coax from the ONT any more, you need to switch to the Ethernet port on the ONT.

I recommend you to either run an Ethernet wire from the ONT to your residence, or buy a pair of MoCA adapters to convert the Ethernet from the ONT to MoCA to use the existing Coaxial wire, then at your residence, convert the MoCA back to Ethernet to connect to whatever router you wish to buy. I recommend you to buy two (2) Verizon ECB5240M (Fios Network Adapter, $55 each).