Resetting Router Once a Month
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I have Verizon Fios and am having to reset my router about once a month or less! It is frustrating and madenning! My internal network still works but the internet connection is lost, it says there is no "coax" connection. I reset the router by holding in the reset button with the power off and when I let go and plug it back in it comes back up and works just fine until the next time. It is like Verizon resets something and my router says 'no way jose' and just sits there! I was out of town and it went down the first day, 3 days later I came home, reset the router and it worked just fine immediately! I talked to my neighbor and he is having to do the same thing!! I have had my router for a couple years now so I am thinking it is just an older one, my neighbor and I have the same one after getting Fios at the same time.

Re: Resetting Router Once a Month

well, it says no coax.  Have you tried unplugging and replugging back in the Coax, or is it a short enough run, that you can replace the cable? 

The routers are also replaceable at the local Verizon Stores.  you can see if you have one near by and try a new one.  Just take your old one and it's an over the counter exchange.