Return G1100 and remove rental fee
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I no longer need the G1100 Gateway for my Verizon Fios setup and wish to return it so that I no longer incurr the rental fee. 

I've tried every support option on Verizon's awful website and literally nothing works. Pop-ups for contact support are blank and the website feels like it is running on a server from the 1930s. 

I used the find store locator to hopefully do it but any store which does Fios equipment exchanges are literally miles from where I live so it isn't an option.

How do I go about returning this and removing the fee?

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ask them for a return kit. No matter how far away the Fios store may be located you are better off getting there and get a receipt.

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You may also be able to do so online.

Log in to your account and look under services.

I know you can order and return STBs this way.

Couldn't hurt to try and see if you cal also do so with router.

BTW, do you have TV services with STB? If so, you might want to make sure your new router can be set up to support them.

Finally, you have an option to buy a FIOS router and drop the rental fee.