Returned the equipment, but getting mail that it is not returned


After I moved to my new address about two months ago, the person who came to set up my fios internet at new location took the old equipment with him. I am still getting message about not returning the equipment. And as usual, talking to a representative is next to impossible in verizon and I waited for over 25 minutes in futile and forced to listen all their ads meanwhile!! Seriously???!!!! You call this customer service!

Someone please help.

Also, I bought the router last time. So do I get anything in credit for returning it?


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Re: Returned the equipment, but getting mail that it is not returned

Well if you purchased the router last time, you returned it why?

the router could have been used again at your new address as a customer supplied router.

evidently by your own mistake the router went with the installer. Verizon will not credit you for having returned your own router.

My next question is did Verizon charge you a monthly rental fee on your invoice for the router you are using now? And I take it Verizon is looking at the router the installer put in and not your previous owner owned Fios router. They would not require a return of the first one if it was bought and paid for.

my guess is to go to a Fios store location with the one the installation guy put on and return that to stop the email from Verizon but alas you still need a router so you will have to purchase another at your expense and there are many to choose from.

just get a tri-band mimo router and just hook that in place of the Verizon one.

or while at the store either buy another router from Verizon with a receipt or ask to have another one as a $10 rental.