Returning FIOS equipment
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I have some equipment to return (set-top boxes, router).

I called a UPS store to find out what the procedure is, and they weren't sure whether I am supposed to pack the items (and should have a return label provided by Verizon) or if I should just drop off the equipment.

Due to the lack of a clear answer, I don't want to do the wrong thing and then end up being charged for the equipment.

I also tried calling the only Verizon store in this area that is listed on their Web site as handling equipment returns, but always get a busy signal. Are Verizon stores open now?

Ideally, I would like to get a receipt listing serial numbers, etc. for the items I'm returning. Do UPS stores provide that?

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Most verizon stores are closed due to this virus. However they will be open in the future. It’s best to go to the store, have the clerk scan all the equipment bar codes and list as returned. Make sure they give you a itemized receipt with the equipment as well as your account number and name if possible. Do not let them tell you to just leave it and they will mail or email your receipt. Get it then and there.