Ridiculously Slow "HSI Enhanced"!
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I switched over from TWC on Friday, and the net was fine up until yesterday. However, for the 2nd straight day now, my net speeds has been ridiculously slow! I have been checking with several speed testing sites (SpeedTest.net, Verizon's speed tester, MLB.tv broadband tester, and NetWorx tester) and ALL have yielded the same results. All have come under 1 Mbps!!! That is just unacceptable from what I had with TWC!!! I cannot stream my apps without them constantly buffering! And don't even get me started on the picture quality, just embarrassing! Oh, and I cannot even use any other device to get online without exacerbating the problems!

I called "Tech Support' yesterday, which was telling me that they were seeing normal numbers on their end. And, that they would put in an order for a modem replacement, BUT that would NOT fix the problem. The "tech's" answer was, "someone may have gotten your network's password and are probably downloading massive amounts of data." I assured him that this was the first time we've encountered this problem since getting HSI. He advised me to change the network password and to observe for any changes. Needless to say, the 45 mins. I spent talking to the "tech" (restarting the modem, trying speed test in safe mode), were futile! Last night, I jumped online and looked for a usage monitor. I came across NetWorx, which tracks the usage of modem. I started tracking it this AM and noticed meter would ONLY respond when I was using a device. I even tried watching a video on Youtube in HD to see what the graph would show. As expected the video was choppy and laggy, but, the amount of data while running the video were represented on the graph.

I continued to monitor the graph every hour, and noticed nothing that would translate to unwarranted usage of my network!

So, what can be done to solve this issue? I really do not have to go through the mess of switching companies again, and am willing to allow Verizon to remedy the problem. However, I will not sit here and simply accept that the problem is MY FAULT!!! I work in an industry where we monitor and track behavior! I HAVE to pay attention to changes and monitor effects of those changes. And, I am telling you, the only difference I can surmise is Verizon! I do not understand how Friday-Sunday, the internet is running as it should be, and then all of a sudden, Monday comes and the net is not working properly, when I've made NO CHANGES. I expect to be getting the service that I am pay for (up to 15Mbps), otherwise, I will have to look elsewhere!

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Post your transceiver statistics from your modem. If those check out and I don't see any problems, I'll get you to someone who will get your speed turned up to where it should be. We'll also get the "optimizer" turned off so it doesn't cause problems like this.

If you need help getting the Transceiver Statistics, just tell us what modem make/model you use.

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Modem Model: Actiontec GT784MNV

How do I get that information?

Thanks for your help

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Hope this is the correct information. I deleted the addressess (doubt U needed those).


Gateway Status

Gateway ParameterStatus

Firmware Version:
Model Number:
Serial Number:
WAN MAC Address:
Downstream Rate:
Upstream Rate:
PPP User Name:
ISP Protocol
1483 via DHCP
Gateway IP Address:
DNS Address #1:
DNS Address #2:
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modem access is normally or or user used to be ADMIN password was PASSWORD however may be the modem serial number .

status tab on second one over from left on the top

and this is what it might look like...

Downstream Upstream
Initial 3456934665 1125768862
Final (+92011) 3457026676 (+3389) 1125772251
Relative Capacity[%] 75 95
Noise Margin [dB] 13.0 10.7
Transmit Signal Power [dBm] 15.5 12.2
Attenuation [dB] 17.3 10.1
Bit Rate [kb/s] 17647 1047
Max. Attainable Bit Rate [kb/s] 23279 1095

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Already posted what is on that tab.

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@CSULA21 wrote:

Already posted what is on that tab.

Click on "WAN Status" in the navigation when you're at the Gateway Status page. You should be able to pull up the rest of the info you need. For now, from what I can see you do have 10Mbps/1Mbps service, on sync. Upload is a bit out of sync but I don't believe it's an immediate concern for the slow speeds.

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Here's the latest:

This morning, I ran a speed test, which yielded about 9Mpbs (Awesome). Funny enough, I ran the speed test as I was on the phone with a tech support rep. I reported the speed to the tech, and said that the problem could be that my area/city is out of the recommended range to yield the 15 Mbps that VZ is stating I could net. His suggestion was to limit the max speed to 10 Mbps, so as to create a more reliable and stable connection. So, I went ahead and authorized it.

I checked the speed again in the afternoon, and low and behold, BACK TO 1 Mbps!!! So, I called back, and of course, the change had not been made. Well, the tech spoke to the network center directly and the change was finally made. The tech also suggested that I continue to run speed tests about every hour and track the speed. Well, it's been 5 hours and I'm getting 1.5 Mbps. The deadline of Sunday night is closely approaching and VZ is running out of time to keep this customer.

Here is the requested info:

WAN Status Connection Status

Connection Status

Internet Service Provider:CONNECTED

PPP Status

PPP Parameter Status

User Name:N/A
Authentication Failures:0
Session Time:0 Days, 00H:00M:00S
Packets Sent:N/A
Packets Received:N/A

Broadband Status

Broadband Parameter Status

Broadband Mode Setting:ADSL2+
Broadband Negotiated Mode:ADSL2+
Connection Status:CONNECTED
Downstream Speed:11740 Kbps
Upstream Speed:918 Kbps
Retrain Timer:0 Days, 5H:2M:3S
ATM QoS class:UBR
Near End CRC Errors Interleave:17
Near End CRC Errors Fastpath :N/A
Far End CRC Errors Interleave :13
Far End CRC Errors Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Near End CRC Interleave :2136
30 Minute Near End CRC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Far End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Far End CRC Fastpath :N/A
Near End RS FEC Interleave :0
Near End RS FEC Fastpath :N/A
Far End RS FEC Interleave :0
Far End RS FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Near End FEC Interleave :198321
30 Minute Near End FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Far End FEC Interleave :510
30 Minute Far End FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream :0
30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream :0
SNR Downstream :6 dB
SNR Upstream :9 dB
Attenuation Downstream :34 dB
Attenuation Upstream :17 dB
Power Downstream0 dBm
Power Upstream12.1 dBm
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The Verizon tech was right to limit the line to 10Mbps. You won't be able to hit the full 15Mbps with statistics like that. You're already marginal as-is, so the line's hitting errors and isn't managing to hit the full 10Mbps/1Mbps speed on sync as-is.

Since you are getting the speed in the morning, you will need to get the Verizon support rep to put in a request to check the DSLAM and related circuits out. There should be absolutely no reason as to why the equipment is allowed to get congested to the point of Verizon's favorite speed, 1.5Mbps rearing it's head.

If you have any trouble getting them to do this, let me know and I'll try to get you some help for this.

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Verizon will not fix your problem...I have been dealing with them for months to correct DSL issues.  The are over charging me and STILL have yet to fix the problem!

I had to go so far to file an FCC complaint just to get someone higher up than the guy at a call center in a place unknown I couldn't understand!

Verizon is great for making excuses..."you live too far out"..etc.  I am not quite at the 3 mile limit (set by them) yet they can't and won't fix the problem...being copper plant.

Unfortunately Verizon is the only thing available to me...if you have the option RUN don't walk to get some other ISP!!!