Router Blocking Website Content...

My (brand new Verizon) router is blocking a certain website called Groove Funnels that I need to build websites. When I bypass the router and connect the ethernet cable directly, everything works fine. 

When I load the page, the framework of the page loads but none of my saved website builds show up.

Strangely, when I simply toggle my router security firewall settings from say, medium to low, or vice versa, it works when I open a new window. 

But, it doesn't stay like that for long and it reverts back to not working again. 

I've called Verizon's tech support countless times and they don't have answers as to why this is happening. 

This is the ONLY site I've encountered that does this.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Can you go to Verizon router's Firewall log to see any blocked events when accessing Groove Funnel?