Router Disconnects every 10-15 minutes
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After using my personal router (Belkin N450 DB wireless N router) for over a year with no issues I've finally ran into some problems. Recently, it has started to disconnect every 10-15 minutes and reconnecting no more than 10 seconds later. If I connect my pc directly to the ONT it does not disconnect but as soon as it's connected to my router it starts to drop again (both wireless and wired connections drop). Also, when it disconnects the ONT has a flashing red light for Ethernet but nothing else. I assume it's had something to deal with the router, but the firmware is up to date and I've had no issues until recently. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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If your pc isn’t doing it that rules out the ONT. The router could just be starting to go bad. I would first give it a hard reset and then let it do it’s updates again. 

If that doesn’t help I’d look into a new router. 


The ONT flashing red is a ONT losing signal/connection.

if your router is disconnecting it is possible the ONT is acting up. However Verizon does not support customer owned routers not of their service. So if you hook a laptop up directly to the ONT and you have internet it then is your router. If the internet connection is stable from the ONT to your laptop you know it’s not the ONT.

try a different router and if that does it you know it’s the ONT