Router Upstairs, TV in Basement


We have FIOS internet only, and are getting only the slow speed service. We were paying MUCH more for a couple years for what I THOUGHT was faster speeds but found out we were only getting the minimum! But that's another story altogether.... 

Here is today's problem:

Our router is upstairs in our office but the TV (older, semi smart Samsung with USB dongle) is in our basement. We watch Netflix and use Amazon Prime- but it often happens that our WIFI signal is dropped completely, or the programs continually reload/reinitialize to the point where we almost cannot watch TV in the evenings. 

I was thinking that I might have a couple options. 
A: buy a WIFI extender & installing it in the basement (which may or may not need a cable) 

Verizon has one for sale at 99.00 


B: run an ehternet cable directly out of the router to our TV

which involves drilling, routing X number of feet of cable, etc. 

A couple questions seem pertinent, and please pardonmy ignorance.

1: DOES the verizon WIFI extender need a cable connect, or does it connect to our network wirelessly?

2: IF I want to just cable-connect the router, an ActionTec model, to theTV will I run a CAT5 or CAT6 cable? And will it jack into the LAN port on the TV?

And maybe a third question applies also: Is there another router choice which would emit a stronger signal and solve our problem?


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WiFi extender uses Coax to extend the signal.

You can also get a MOCA adapter that would give you an ethernet connection to TV.

I have found the Samsung dongles to not be great in gettting a signal.

Depends on what model Verizon router you have.

You might get a stronger signal with a different router, but really hard to say.

Another option might be to get a second router and put it on the floor between Office and basement (I assume you have a reason not to move Verizon router from office). Might be less drilling to run the ethernet cable.