Router as a network extender?
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What are the EXACT settings I would need to use on a G1100 router in order to use it as a wirless repeater? I have an existing healthy FiOS setup, coax out of the ONT to the far front of the house to a G1100 gateway router with 1 set top box very close to it. There exists high quality coax installation from ONT to front of house and to the far back of the house. I want to put the splitter @ the ONT back in and bring coax to back of house live, and use a second G1100 to provide a second wireless network with 5Ghz radio to the rear of house. I do not want to buy or rent another piece of equipment from Verizon, and I'm renting the apartment, so I don't want to put any extra holes in walls to run cat5 cables. Are there any beta versions of

DD-WRT for the G1100 available? I would really like to use the coax that exists. Is it possible to have the coax AND the ethernet ports on the ONT work at the same time? Failing use of the coax, that would be second best option, if it would work.

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It can be done, I got it working.  It was easier with the old actiontecs though, and the WiFi on the new routers is terrible.

Before buying a second g1100, you are much better off buying a MoCA 2.0 bridge off of Amazon, and hanging a real router off of that.

Either way, key settings include turning off IP address assignment aka DHCP server on the bridged router and setting a static IP for the routers LAN Mac in both the UI of your main router and on the bridge itself.

Special settings to make it work on the G1100 that are not needed on a normal router include adding an explicit route for your default gateway, turning off coax WAN, and connecting one of the Ethernet lan ports to the WAN port so it recognizes it is actually online.

When adding the route, you want a netmask of with the default gateway being the lan ip of your main router.  It won't let you enter the netmask as such, but when you enter it becomes that.