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I have the Actiontec MI424WR Rev 1 router.  After getting the email about the bump up to 100Mbps speed, I diretcly connected the router to myPC and ran some speed tests.   They showed speeds ~ 100Mbps

Then I put the router back to it's orig location and the speed tests from the PC went back to what they always were ~12-14 Mbps range

After some googling I found I needed to move my security setting from WPA to WPA2.  That doubled the speed to the 25Mbps range.  Still seems like too  large a drop off from the direct connect.

I was wondering if the router version is now considered an old model.  Is this still what Verizon installs with the basic FIOS installation?

I also was looking into an  extender as my upstairs TV has some connectivity issues which I never get downstairs. Also wondering what extenders people have good success with.  Seesm to be tons of negative reviews for the ones in the $30 price range


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Ping 9ms

Upload 61.39 Mbps

Download 57.90 Mbps

From Bergen County to Orangeburg NY

My Router is same as yours.