Router (not just WiFi) loses internet every ten minutes. Losing Ping as well.
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I am currently on 50/50 internet and using the Verizon Fios router, model number GS 1100.

My PC is wired via Ethernet cable into a LAN port on the router. The router is then connected via COAX to the Verizon "box". When I continuoustly ping Google, for example, every 5 seconds on an infinite loop, I get a timeout roughly every 10 minutes for about 10 seconds. This also happens to my wireless devices, all at the same time.

When I go to my router settings and I ping my own IP address (to my PC) I get a 100% loss in packets every time, wether i'm dropping internet or not. I checked IPconfig on the command promp: that's my IP address. For some reason I get 100% loss.

There is maybe two iphones or a laptop connected at any given time. Wether they are in use or not is besides the point. All the devices could be going or none of them could be going and I still have the same problem. 

When looking at my advanced status of all connections, currently they are all active and i'm sending and receiving packets from all of them, including the PC I am currently on that fails the ping test. 

Receive Errors and Receive Drops are 0 across the board as well. 

IS this a hardware thing? The coax is split between the set-top box to the tv and the router, however the TV is off right now and I still get problems.

Any info is appreciated.

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I think there were other reports of this router having a extremely short lease of its IP address.  I don't remember ir or how people fixed it.  Do some searches here and at dslreports.

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I've been running into the same issue but the last few hours, everything has worked properly.  I'm hoping it remains this way.