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I’m new to Verizon and how modems and routers work and am honestly so lost. I spoke with a representative and she told me if I chose to use my own router I have to provide my own modem or rent/buy the modem/router they have. After looking around, it’s pretty clear I can’t use my own modem and that I’m either forced to buy their router for 300, or rent for 15 a month. That said, there are a few people who said they bought their own router on top of the router/modem Verizon basically forced you to get and saved money on their internet bill which is where I am a bit lost. Wouldn’t I be better off just renting or buying the modem/router that Verizon provides? Any clarity would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Could we take a step back? Are you newly subscribed to Fios or High Speed Internet?

If Fios, well first of all, Fios does not use modems. Fios uses an Optic Network Terminal (ONT) to convert photons to packets, RF, and POTs. The ONT will likely be installed by a field tech and will remain on your promise free of charge even if you switch provider or move.

If you did not order Fios TV, you can use any router you want. If you ordered Fios TV, a Verizon router is highly recommended for technical reasons. The service representative likely offered you a G3100 ($300 to buy, or $15 month to rent), but G3100 isn't the only supported Verizon router. There's an older router called G1100, which you can get a used one off Ebay for less than $40. If you decide to go this route, please tell us as there are some caveats in selecting an appropriate seller. 

If you ordered High Speed Internet, you might want to make a new post in that section of the Forums for greater exposure.