Rural Verizon Service Down Again!

The service in my area is down again, rural high-desert in California. The system is run off a Fujitsu frame relay. I am told by a relaible source that a "shelf" is down in the central office. It's been well over a week and no repair.

So I attempted to call technical support today; as usual I was on the phone for over an hour with a supposed technician/customer service rep in India who told me in  that I have the wrong modem. I find this amazing, does Verizon NOT note what type of service each customer uses in different regions of America? Are the customer service reps really just supposed to "assume" what type of equipment customer should be using? As always I hear "we are going to send you a new modem, you have the wrong one." No, no, no, no...

So frustrating, so after an hour, of book reading reps and "power cycling," nothing! I received a ticket number with a promise of a call back within 24 hours. Somehow I don't think I will get one. This rep in India actually copped an attitude with me "run a line test and you will see that there is no connection t the house." I think the reps are trained to not listen to the customers, but just given a regimented list of steps to follow. Somehow I don't think she did anything.

So here I go again, doing battle with Verizon again to get the service fixed. Last time this happened it took about 2 months. I am certain that the next call I receive will be to tell me that I need a new modem!

I sure wish there another service in the area, I would switch. However, since I work from home I am stuck.