***SHOPPERS BEWARE*** Installation/set-up fee

Beware when placing orders online for a installation fee of $100 waiver. I recently got Fios internet service. I purchased it online but the credit check step required me to call a number (i had credit frozen so needed to talk to them). Everything went well talking to a credit person at Verizon, they did inform me that they will connect me to a purchase agent to continue, because they had to open another order and I won't be able to proceed online. They patched me through the purchase agent, and I asked about the online order installation fee waiver. It took a while to explain how I ended up on the phone when an order was started online. Long story short, they couldn't give me a full waiver on the installation fee over the call because "the bill is needed to give you the rest of the waiver in the form of a discount, I will take the rest of the installation fee out once the bill is ready, no worries." No reason for me not to trust and I had been on the phone for an hour at this point.

Critical mistake - DO NOT DO THIS - I agreed to the online order confirmation that didn't state this full waiver/discount. Later, this becomes a key piece of my "agreement" to paying half of the installation fee.

Once the bill was ready, I noticed there was still a 50% installation fee invoiced. Called a few times, and they say "we don't have a note stating the further discount"; "you have agreed to pay by confirming the order."

I ended up paying $50. It may not be a big number to some, but very unpleasant dealing with this issue.

Oh lastly... if you're ordering Fios for the first time in a residential house, expect some strangers to come in and mess up your lawn. I was alarmed by some strangers digging trenches and burying fiber optics cable. They don't call you, they just dig. I ran into them just when they were leaving. Now, my grass is dead and I have a trip hazard on my yard. They didn't flatten out the ground after digging.

Internet is fine.... but unless you need a gig service.. try elsewhere as well. Luckily for Verizon, their competitions are just as bad with this kind of stuff. The standard is pretty low in this industry.. so I guess you just deal with it.

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