Same SSID on two routers
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I finally have gotten my Actiontec WCB3000N up and running and was able to login and change password. It's in the basement.

I believe that I could change its SSID to match the SSID of my main modem/router (Actiontec Model MI424WR Rev. I ) in my kitchen.

If I do this, as I move around with my cell phone or take a computer from place to place, will those devices automatically switch from one WIFI to the other based on strongest signal?

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I don’t believe so. In my setup the SSID of my router is listed as in example netgear_04ext or netgear_5ext

i can login to them individually if I need a stronger wifi signal. It is not advisable to change SSID to same names since in some cases you won’t know which one is the main wifi or the extender.