Samsung M2020W Connection to new Fios Quantum Router - Wireless
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Samsung M2020W is a basic wireless laser printer that has no ethernet port; hence one can only connect using USB directly to a prtienr or wireless directly to a network.

However while Samsung M2020W worked well with older FIOS router, it did not work in wireless mode with the FIOS QUantum Router unless one disables WIFI DIRECT within the Samsung M2020W printer.  TO disconnect is not so easy since one needs to connect wirelessly, somehow, in order to change the settings in the printer.  Note that WPS and WPS PIN did not work.

How to do?  First connect to the printer using the WIFI DIRECT networek that you can see as a wifi option (but it is coming not from a router but the printer itself).  Once you see the wireless WIFI DIrect name, connect and use the network key that is hidden in the printer to connect computer to WIFIDIRECT.  [TO find key, you will have tp print out netowrok configutration before you start (hold WPS key for 10 seconds) to find the key.]

Once connected by computer to the WIFI Direct, then find the tcp/ip address in your netowrk utility and type it into a browser.  Sync Thru will load and disable WIFI DIRECT.  AT that point, you lose contact with the printer.

Then install using printer drivers and install program and indicate that you want to connect wirelessly but using a USB cable to load the information (do not select WIFI Direct).  At this point, the printer is also connected by USB but continue on the installl program to get a new TCP/IP address.  I am using a MAC and at the end of installation program, ADD PRINTER is an option.  You should then see your printer wirelessly and USB.

FInsih install and disconnect USB cable to see which of the two M 2020W printers is USB and which is TCP/IP. Delete the USB connection.

Took all day to figure out.  The isntallation program tries several times to encourage using WIFI Direct.  But it is not compatible with Verizon Quatum router.  It would have been easier if the printer also had an ethernet port to connect directly to router.