Scam with price "discounts"

I see many such posts already, still want to add one, to show that Verizon still scaming customers.

While ago, I called Verizon, and asked to cancel the service, because I don't want to pay $49.99 for 10Mbps internet while Comcast offers better deal.

They say, if I stay, they make my internet 25Mbps and I'd pay only $25 per month. Such a good company. Thanks Verizon! I've agreed. 

I've logged in to my account next day and it says: $25 Fios Internet Agreement Incentive Offer for 24 Months thru Nov 30, 2019


Yesterday I've got email which thanks me for autopaying $69.99. Well, there is abviously a mistake here, Verizon will fix it, so I thought.

I've chat to an agent, and he started explaingin me about some kind of "discounts" which I had, and now I don't.

I said, there was no mentioning of any kind of discounts, it was a firm price of $25 per month promissed, that's all. He was continuing pushing that expired "discount" story. I asked for a superviser. Same effect. I wasn't even sure it was a superviser.

At some point, I've got aggravated, and decided, I better cancel the service. I was offered some "good" deal for $49.99 which I didn't want, especialy when Comcast offers twise better speed for less money. Asked to cancel the service again, and even that the agent couldn't do. I've been provided with some phone number which I should call.

It is too late now, I'll call them later.

If you offered a deal by Verizon, double check when ALL "discounts" will expire, even if nobody mentioned anything about any discounts.

Re: Scam with price "discounts"

I don’t know if you ever looked at your actual billing invoice?

when you had initial service the price for a new customer is loaded with discounts.

in example I originally had 150/150 and it was $85 after a $15 discount which expires after one year, and then another $10 that expires in year two of my service date. I have no contract.

now after 6 months Fios had gigabyte service available in my area. But it was a price increase of $20 per month. Again a pretty good deal for internet only. So my discounts were not removed even though Fios gave me a $60 discount that says never expires.

now my last $10 discount comes off and that makes it now $115 a month plus a bogus NYS Municipal Construction Surcharge added on at $2.49 $117.49 recently there was a $5 general increase so I pay $122.49 but still a bargain when gigabyte and 700/700 500/500 use to cost $800+ 

you have to read the invoice and get off of auto pay. Never give a company access to your money or credit.

Re: Scam with price "discounts"
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Hi strokine,

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