Service down again after power comes on

This has to be the sixth time in a year this has happened.

Power goes off during a storm, either a flicker or for a few hours. Last night it was a flicker. Power is back on, ONT has power, router has power, everything has power. Services will not reconnect. I have been through the online troubleshooter multiple times. Have disconnected and reconnected everything in various intervals at least a dozen times this morning. Nothing. Am now waiting for a call back from customer service since the wait time was an hour and a half to two hours.

What I have noticed today and in the past is that only the PWR light is on and green inside the ONT. I will get on the phone with a rep, repeat the same process I've done a dozen times already and they will schedule a tech visit.

What happens every time though is those other lights will randomly turn back on at some point in the next few hours to few days and my services will restore and everything will be fine until the next power outage. And of course I cancel the visit since my services have resumed.

Why are those lights not turning on? Why does it happen at some point randomly in the future? Getting frustrated that it seems some automated fix or reconnect is happening but we can't control it.

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