Service is periodically crashing and someone is always here working on the wires

Our FIOS service has been having periodic issues for months now. Basically once a month we lose service for between a few hours and a few days. I always walk through resetting the router and making sure all the connections are good but it is simply the service dropping for extended periods of time. Additionally we have had workers at our house working on the telephone/electrical pole in the backyard regularly over this timeframe. For months now I get alerts on my phone that someone is in the backyard to see a crew carrying ladders out to the pole and doing work for awhile and then leaving before I get home. Connected? No idea. No communication from Verizon or the power company and no one ever advises us they will be doing work despite walking all over the property. 

Now to add insult to injury I have been calling in and confirming with Verizon these are "outages" and they promise they will credit me for the lost days "automatically." And those credits will post within 2 billing cycyles. Well a full year and no credits. So this last time I checked my account on my verizon phone and on my account it advised there was an outage I called in to check on all these "promised", "automatic" credits and to log another one and the rep stated they didn't see an outage on my line and they needed to send a tech. Fine. He tries to sell me the tech insurance in case the problem is on my end, which of course it isn't and schedules the tech for the next day. Then the next day I get an email from Verizon letting me know the tech is canceled as they confirmed my service is down because of an outage. Great thank you for confirming your customer service is incompentent when he swore there was no outage after I advised him my account said I was part of an outage. 

Next I get on chat and ask someone about the credits. They confirm the credits are automatic. I tell then well I guess they require at least one step because I am not getting them. So they transfer me to another department to verify the outages. That department confirms that my service was just out but they can't see prior outages. I ask them can they credit my account for this outage and then get me to someone who can do the research on the prior outages. They say sure the credits post automatically in two billing cycles. I tell them I have heard this lie a bunch and it is no longer good enough. Specifically this time because I had to pay an overage on my Verizon phone bill for going over my data in my house that should have had verizon Fios to watch a football game. He says he can transfer me to another department to check my account for outages, which someone already transferred me to him for that but too late at this point, I say never mind escalate and I want a supervisor. He says he is the highest I can escalate my complaint, I tell him he cal check with the other department and get back to me while I fill out a form. He checks comes back and tells me they have no record of any other outage despite me having emails from Verizon confirming when outages started and stopped. He says the customer service equivlent of tough stuff and asks me if there is anything else. 

So I filed a complaint with the FCC over effectively fraud at this point and to get refunds for all the credits I am due and the overage fee they charged me for data. But I still want to know what is going on with my service. Why are workers coming out at least monthly if not weekly at this point? Why is my service getting so crappy? Why can't Verizon customer service see and credit outages that Verizon emails confirm with me? Are these credits just lies to shut customers up and hope they go away or will you actually credit my account for of these outages one day "automatically" within 2 billing cycles. 

Any answer that maeks sense, consistent and actually proves true would be most welcome. Otherwise I guess I will wait for the FCC to get back to me about the complaint and wait for Elon Musk to beam internet to my house so I can finally be down with the hell hole that FIOS has become this year. Prior I felt it was nice with just crappy customer support on the rare occassion I needed to engage with someone. But now that I have to interact with people who lie and have no clue what they are doing or talking about on a regular basis it is becoming unbearable.

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Hi a1ctt30,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.