Set up internet without technician?

I recently moved into an apartment unit that had Verizon DSL Internet all year under the name of the previous tenant. The modem and everything is set up exactly the same way, nothing changed except the internet is now deactivated. I've been trying to order High Speed Internet for the past month - apparently, a technician visit is required, but I've scheduled two technician appointments already and they just never show up or give any kind of update. Since this same setup has been working for the past year, I don't understand why I can't just get the internet activated without a technician? Is this possible to do? I've called tech support, but I was told that there's nothing they can do except reschedule. It feels like Verizon won't take my money. 😞

Re: Set up internet without technician?

In the old days when I had dsl the local office had to connect to the CO.

in some cases even the phone wires had to be rehooked at the box in the home.

so yes you may need the technician visit.

now something to ponder, they may have Fios available at your location which is far superior to copper dsl connection. Additionally Verizon does not offer dry loop service or naked dsl (service without phone service) any longer. They may not install unless you have telephone service.

these are just a guess.