Setup Fee?

I'm in the middle of transferring my Verizon Fios internet service (100/100, No Annual Contract) from one apartment to another. A little less than a year ago, I had Verizon Fios at my old apartment. During that time, I paid a $100 setup fee. I was told over the phone that since I'm moving into an apartment that is brand new, a tech is required to come out and I'm required to pay another $100 setup fee.

Then I see deals like this:

How can I get the $100 setup fee waived? Do I need to cancel my order and reorder online where the fee is waved? This will be twice in less than a year that I'm paying this fee...judging from the forum, this seems to be a reoccuring issue with  subscribers.

Re: Setup Fee?

Basically as a rule if you order online there is a waiver built into the order process.

however once you call Verizon no matter what you are asking about will result in that install fee being accessed and not waived.

another thing to look at is what may happen if you cancel then try to reorder you may get more heartache than you bargained for.