Severe weather reminder for our HSI customers
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Severe weather reminder for our HSI customers...

For information on HSI modem resets, click here.

Due to extreme weather conditions, there may be storm related power outages in your area. Your internet services will be affected until power resumes.  If you do not have power please contact your local power company.  If your power is restored and your internet services are still not working, you can report an outage, check status, request a new repair or update an existing repair online at .  If some of your Verizon services are working, but not all, you can use the In Home Agent application on your PC to troubleshoot and restore services.   We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Community Leader

You could always say "Agent..." after you get past the telephone number prompt when you reach the main menu. Even with the issues relating to the hurricane, wait times through that avenue shouldn't be any more than a few minutes. Of course, don't overuse it if you can get to where you need to go through the voice promts (Such as DSL Technical support) which is a simple stroke of 1 and then 2 on your numpad the last I've checked.

I also find it best to talk to the reps in a calm voice without a sense of urgency. They tend to help out a lot more when they aren't being screamed at or rushed to try and make a fix. Also, if you guys are having trouble with speed on your DSL line, post up about it in your own thread and I'll be sure to take a look at it.

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